This website is full of information in Dutch, but here is a little recap in English

Bodily treatments are here to regain ones balance, to recharge and to recover.


On offer are massages, foot reflexology treatments, Sound-massage treatments, acupressure and also other treatments, like Yu Fai. 

It was in Thailand that I learned more about this particular, very special, postpartum treatment.


The treatments on offer are not only for women that are trying to increase their fertility, for pregnant women or for women trying to get into labour. There are also postpartum massages and treatments for after birth and support with getting back to work. Also ScarTissue treatments and VLOW® breasts-tissuetreatments are available.


The whole idea with massage, reflexology, acupressure and sound is to empower nature to do her own job. Getting pregnant, being pregnant and getting into labour asks for a special, holistic kind of view. In this, I’m specialised and have more than 25 years of experience to share. I’m a pioneer in this discipline and I encourage women to find themselves back into their own power, trusting their own body and mind.


Stimulating natural health in a woman’s body and mind makes for strong and healthy babies. 


Reimbursement is available through most supplemental health care insurances. Please ask.


Prices Pregnancy-massage, Postpartum-massage, Fertilitymassage and Footreflexology, Sound-massage treatments:
Intake: first time

75 minutes € 98,-
After that
75 minutes € 98,-
90 minutes € 120,-
€ 270,- 3 x 60 minutes
At home plus € 25,-, Centre of Amsterdam, -South or Amsterdam-South-East, otherwise extra travel costs.

Overdue treatments:
75 minutes € 105,-
€ 98,- when you’re already a client

Postpartum Treament 3x at home for 75-90 minutes: € 395,-
In the Centre of Amsterdam, -South or Amsterdam-South-East, otherwise extra travel costs.

Babyfootreflexology and BabySoundtreatments:
15-30 minutes € 60,- after a postpartum-massage
60 minute visit € 90,-.

VLOW®-breasttissue-treatments and Scar Tissuetreatments:
75 minutes € 98,-
next visit € 90,-.